Make a Pearl

Oct 12, 2017
Make a Pearl

Make a Pearl

What a great response from Pink to her daughter about societies expectations. But it's something that we all can take hold of and use for ourselves. Check out what Pink had to say.

For every mother who has a daughter, who feels distress over the fact society is teaching them to value their looks above all else, listen up.
Because Pink has our backs.

The performer has delivered the most incredible speech at today's Video Music Awards (VMAs) while accepting the Vanguard Award, given in recognition of accomplishments in music and film, renamed in 1991 in honor of Michael Jackson to the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award.

She shared a story about daughter Willow, six, who recently told her mother, "I am the ugliest girl I know."

How does a mother respond to words like that?

Do we reassure them they're beautiful?

Do we try and teach them that looks don't matter?

How do we instill in our precious little girl's self-worth that goes beyond the superficial and the painful words other children direct towards them and they then, heartbreakingly, learn to direct towards themselves?

Make a Pearl

One thing we can take away from this is not to be too hard on ourselves about others expectations or thoughts about what we should be or do. After all, in the end it's us that have to live with ourselves, our choices and be comfortable in our own skins.

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