New Years Resolutions Won't Fail, if...

New Year’s resolutions won’t fail, if...

...they are realistic in the first place.

Quite simply-

we are great at complicating things

We can take almost any concept and make it harder than it has to be, any situation and easily think the worst.

Simplicity simply means for me-

de-cluttering space, mind, soul and spirit

This year let’s strive for less “stuff,” those things that take up our personal space and energy.

Let’s not make anything harder than it has to be

Don’t start with a big project with a high outcome expectation. Simplify things as encountered. Can’t find the international adapter in the expected drawer? Avoid the need to reorganize the entire room, but just that drawer right now
Let go! Get rid of anything that isn't essential. Donate it or give it to someone who can use it. When an impulse hits, allow a few days to consider. Or better share the impulse with a friend.

Less “stuff” may make our space more enjoyable

Simplify our “to do” list!
Is it really necessary? 
Is it worthy of our time or is it just “busy work.” 

So, let’s not take on more than we can reasonably handle.


Who said grownups can’t play?

Why would anybody embrace a life without a little playtime? Let’s not wait for all the “necessary” chores to get done before we go out to play, we very likely will allow the ‘chores’ to forever prevent getting the chance to take up that fanciful hobby.

Sing out loud! Laugh a lot! And show the person that is your love how grateful you are for their love in return


However it works for you-

just do it!

 Whether we choose to simply go out for a coffee and read the paper, or sit down for a board game, even electronic! 

Aimlessly wander around your neighborhood with a camera and capture the amazing things to see.

The important thing is that we’re doing it for the fun of it.

  • Start dancing lessons that we keep putting off
  • Take a trip, even if it is only for the weekend to the country or a drive somewhere new
  • Use the good glasses, don’t wait for a special occasion – every day is special

So what are we waiting for? Special occasions may not actually happen unless we make it happen.

Let’s add a little more kindness into our world. We all could probably find someone who’s having a worse day. That random and simple act of kindness lifts our spirits in a great big way.

It can be as simple as calling an old friend we haven’t spoken to in years, or helping a stranger with directions when they look lost whom we would normally rush by without noticing. Little acts of simple kindness doesn't have to cost us anything.

This year let’s add some more of-

holding the lift door for someone even though you’re in a hurry

Thank someone for the work they do even though it’s their job — even if it impacts on your workload, we don’t know what is going on in their day.

Donate clothing and household items that we no longer need or want, offer to volunteer at that charity or one of your choice.

Give out compliments, everyday – they are free!

Most times, we may be the only ones who know of our kindness. If the recipient doesn’t notice, or appear to appreciate your kindness?

So what?

We are doing it for us and it is no reflection on us, we will still feel good for being kind and after all kindness is contagious, we may get a little back!

The common courtesies, the little niceties that we so easily overlook in our busy world mean so much.

And finally for now, let’s choose to live more gratefully, even in trying times.

If we appear to be travelling in the wrong direction, don’t lose sight of the dreams and desire. They are the one thing that our society cannot take, we can choose to let it or choose to forge through and reap the reward.

There is so much for which we should be grateful, but sometimes it appears difficult to see what’s right in front of our eyes.

Find something to be grateful for each day.

It doesn't have to be a splendiferous thing. In fact, it can be most ordinary.

It’s those little ordinary things that impact on our mood. For instance, for me right now I’m in awe and gratitude at the spectacular cloud formation that is visible and the sensational view from my balcony.

I personally am grateful for the beautiful sunset texted to me yesterday. To simply acknowledge is a good thing.

Simplicity, kindness and gratefulness, that’s the gist of my New Year’s resolutions.

So, let’s all have an inspired and awesome New Year in 2017!

Linda Osborn
Post supplied by - Linda Osborn



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