DIY Birthday, Xmas & Anniversary Box Card Calendar

Here is the third example of my perpetual calendars to help you never miss a birthday or anniversary or special day again.

Perpetual calendars or simple calendar boards are a great idea.  These reminders can be placed in strategic places in your house wherever you spend time you contemplate - such as in the toilet (or as we say in Australia - the dunny).

Why not make this one yourself? 

It's not to difficult bit there are a few components. It should take about 2hrs to put together once you have gathered all of your materials.  If you're a bit of a crafter you will probably already have all the equipment, papers etc that you need.  If you are not a crafter you'll  still be able to pick up your supplies quite easily in any crafting supply store.

The Deluxe Birthday, Xmas & Anniversary Box Card Calendar

Birthday, Xmas & Anniversary Box Card Calendar 1

1). Basic supplies for what you will need to make your Special Occasion DIY Calendar 

Special Occasion DIY Calendar what you will need

  • 1 x pkt 10 manilla folders (your choice of color)
  • 12 x patterned scrapbook paper at least 21cm long and 14cm wide
  • double sided craft tape
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • paper glue
  • paper cutter and/or scissors
  • embellishments of your choice
  • Storage Box, re-purpose a flower box, modify a box or make your own (instructions are supplied at step 9)

The main idea behind using manila folders is with a bit of cutting, glue and decoration you can make pockets for cards to sit in ready to go when the need arises.  With a list of the special occasions displayed on the front of each month you can easily see which occasions are coming up and the card is ready to go. 

Step 1: Measure and cut manilla folders

Special Occasion DIY Calendar Step 1

I cut each folder into two lengthwise.  My manila folders were 32.2cm long so half is 16.1cm.  I measured this on 7 of the folders as i needed 13 folders.  (I also made a separate folder for Xmas cards.  I will show you later.)

Special Occasion DIY Calendar cut manilla folder
Cut folders in half lengthways

Special Occasion DIY Calendar 13 folders

Cut all 7 manilla folders for the 12 monthly pockets and one for Xmas cards

Step 2: Round the edges of the folders where you have the cut straight lines. 

Special Occasion DIY Calendar cut edges

I matched up a rounded edge with a straight edge and used it as a guide to cut a curve where the straight lines were.

Special Occasion DIY Calendar round corners

Round the edges on all 13 folders

Special Occasion DIY Calendar nice round edges

Special Occasion DIY Calendar all folders


Step 3: Print out and cut up labels - printable is HERE.  I used standard white copy paper.

Special Occasion DIY Calendar labels

Measure out the labels evenly.  This may get a bit tricky to explain but I will try to outline the measurements I did below.  Alternatively zoom in on this picture as the measurements are written on the sheet.

As a guide I measured from the bottom going up 58mm, 98mm, 138mm, 178mm, 218mm, 258mm and 298mm - on both sides.  

Along the short edge, as a guide, I measured to half the page which was 10.5cm.  The side edges are 2.1cm each.  

Please make sure you check your own measurements as you may use different size paper to me.  I just eyeballed it to make sure they were even. 

NOTE: the 'Birthday Calendar' ticket will be larger than the 'month' tickets.

Special Occasion DIY Calendar month cutouts

Cut out the tickets as per your measurements making sure the 'Birthday Calendar' ticket is larger.  If you make a mistake you can easily print another copy.

Step 4: Attach the label to the inside front facing lip of the folder.

Special Occasion DIY Calendar attach month labels

I used two strips of double sided tape to attach the labels

Special Occasion DIY Calendar attach all labels

Attach all labels for each month.

Step 5: Cut out patterned paper and stick down with double sided tape. My measurements were 21cm x 14cm.

Special Occasion DIY Calendar patterned paper


Step 6: Print off numbers and lines printable - HERE, measure, cut and stick down. My measurements were 11.5cm x 19cm with a 2.5cm margin on the left and right.


Special Occasion DIY Calendar cut out dates

Step 7: To make the folder into a pocket I stuck down the left hand inside of the folder as shown in the next picture.  Use good strong glue for this step. NOTE: I didn't stick down the Christmas one because I have too many cards to give.  I left it open and made an elasticised tie to go around the folder to keep the cards together.

Birthday, Xmas & Anniversary Box Card Calendar glue 

Birthday, Xmas & Anniversary Box Card Calendar Xmas

Step 8: This is were you can get creative with embellishments! I had some decorative twine in different colors which I used to frame around the patterned paper.  I also punched out some swirls and flowers to decorate. Adding a bit of bling to the flowers was done with adhesive gems. Decorate to your hearts content for each month folder. I decorated the Christmas folder a bit differently for it to stand out.

 Birthday, Xmas & Anniversary Box Card Calendar embellish

Birthday, Xmas & Anniversary Box Card Calendar finished

Step 9: How to store your folders:  I was sneaky and repurposed a box which had previously been used for flowers. This was the perfect size and it was nice and stable.  The folders once filled with cards will get very heavy.  I added the big Birthday, Xmas & Anniversary tag to the front of the box with some embellishments.

I have supplied a template of the box I used: HERE: this is not to scale so you will need to work out your measurements onto a sheet of thick cardboard. You will need the cardboard to be thicker than card but thinner than a general cardboard box.  Once you have measured it out fold along the lines in order, assemble and glue together.

 Birthday, Xmas & Anniversary Box Card Calendar storage

Have a look around your home to see if you have a box you can repurpose like I did.   You could cover it with some scrapbook or wrapping paper if you like.  You may have a have a plastic container you could use or maybe find something at the op shop.  

Well done - you're nearly finished.  All you need to do now is full out all of the special occasions you want to remember and keep adding to the lists.  


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