Flip Perpetual Calendar

Here is the second example of my perpetual calendars to help you never miss a birthday or anniversary or special day again.

Flip Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual calendars or simple calendar boards are a great idea.  These reminders can be placed in strategic places in your house while you contemplate - such as in the toilet (or as we say in Australia - the dunny).

Why not make this one yourself? 

It's quick and easy and will take about 45mins to put together once you have all of your materials together.  If your'e a crafter you will probably have all the equipment, papers etc that you need.  If you are not a crafter you will be able to pick up your supplies easily in any crafting supply store.

 1). Basic supplies for what you will need to make your Flip Perpetual Calendar

  • Print out these FREE printable for the flip calendar.  You will need 7 pages of A4 paper.  I printed mine in white but you could print onto any color you want.
  • 7 x double sided print or plain scrapbook paper to stick the printables onto (I used  12" x 12" scrapbooking size double sided paper and cut to size)
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors or guillotine
  • ruler & pencil
  • hole punch
  • twine
  • 2 x bulldog clips
  • embellishments of your choice: Retro European Die-cut embellishments and Polka Dot Washi Tape are available on our shop.

 2).  Cut each of the printed pages in half longways.  My final measurements were 25.6cm x 10.5 cm.

Flip Perpetual Calendar cut printable


3)  Measure up your patterned/colored paper so that it is about 1cm wider and 5 cm longer than the printed pages. Mine worked out to approx 30.5cm long x 12.6cm wide

Flip Perpetual Calendar measurements

4)  Once you have measured and cut the patterned/color paper put some double sided tape on the back of the printed month calendar sheets and stick down 3cm from the top and into the middle of the patterned/color paper. Turn over and stick down the following month on the reverse side. Eg. start with the front page 'Perpetual Birthday And Anniversary Calendar'.  On the reverse side will be January.  Then February and on the other side will be March... and so on.

Note:  I measured down 3cm from the top  to allow enough room to punch some holes

Flip Perpetual Calendar first page

5)  Once you have finished taping down the printed sheets you can get your embellishments ready to decorate the front page.

Flip Perpetual Calendar all months

6) I had some embellishments in my stash that I used.  I also used Washi tape as a border around the title page.  I stuck some Washi tape onto a spare piece of paper and punched out a circle to go onto the flower cutout I had and then punched a little white flower and stuck a gem in the middle of the flower and in the crown.

Flip Perpetual Calendar Washi tape

Flip Perpetual Calendar embellishments

7)  Stack your calendar into the right order.  Use the bulldog clips/clamps to hold the top of the calendar together and punch three holes in the top.  I measured mine 2.5cm/6.25cm/10.25cm.

Flip Perpetual Calendar punch holes

8)  Cut two 15cm lengths of twine and thread through the two outer holes.  Make a loop and tie a double knot allowing enough space for the calendar to be able to 'flip'.

Flip Perpetual Calendar loops

Flip Perpetual Calendar flip

9) Hanging options:  hang on a hook using the middle hole
Flip Perpetual Calendar hook

use a magnet with a clip and hang on your fridge.

Flip Perpetual Calendar magnet

10) Now all you need to do is write all of the key dates you want to remember on your Flip Perpetual Calendar and continue adding new ones.  Keep in a spot where you will be constantly reminded to look at it.  

Handy tip:  write the year when the event occurred as a reminder of how many 'years' have passed.

For example write:

25th - Hannah birthday (2010)  or

31st  - John and June Wedding Anniversary (1984)

Stay tuned...the third DIY calendar idea coming soon

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Update: Here is the third DIY calendar idea HERE.

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