Gift giving ideas

Nov 03, 2017
Gift giving ideas

“Christmas/a birthday/anniversary is just around the corner!”

Gift Giving Frustration

I know, I know… if you’re anything like me, I cringe when I hear this statement, don’t you? I usually start hearing the Christmas cry around July onward with the countdown of weeks and days.  Each year I say I will start Christmas shopping early so I don't stress about pressie buying.

"... you're birthday is coming up"

And then we have to think about what to get partners, colleagues, friends and others for their birthday?  Or how about wedding anniversaries?  How many years is it now... and what is the traditional anniversary gift associated with years of marriage?  Aarrgh!

Aarrgh - present buying

It’s easy when you know what someone wants but what if you or they have no idea, you might have to really think about what to get them!

Twisted Wire's here to help you out...

we'll provide suggestions, inspiration and ideas for gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc.  You'll find some of these gift ideas in our store. Join up as a 'Twisted' insider and we'll keep you updated.

That way you’ll be able to

get in early


Keep Calm and Enjoy Giving

Some ideas we’ll be looking at are:

• Never miss a birthday or special event again - perpetual calendars

• The gift is also the wrapping

• Jewelry gifts

• Ideas for month of birth or year of anniversary pressies
     o Modern, Traditional, Mystical and Ayurvedic Birthstones
     o Zodiac signs and birthstones
     o Chinese year signs
     o Anniversary gemstones
     o Traditional anniversary gifts

• Bouncing Baby gifts pre and post birth

• Sustainable living gifts

• Décor gifts

• Travelling gifts

• Boho gifts

• Health & beauty gifts

• Motivational gifts

Stay tuned...

Keep in the loop as a 'Twisted' insider and we'll update you with great gift ideas. Go to the bottom of our Twisted Wire Co. home page to subscribe.

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