DIY A4 Dates to Celebrate Fridge Perpetual Calendar

Here's the first example of my perpetual calendars to help you never miss a birthday, anniversary or special day ever again

Dates to Celebrate A4 fridge calendar


Perpetual calendars or simple calendar boards are a great idea.  These reminders can be placed in strategic places in your house wherever you spend time you contemplate - such as in the toilet (or as we say in Australia - the dunny).

Why not make this one yourself? 

It's quick and easy and will only take about 20 mins. to put together once you have gathered all of your materials together.  If you're a bit craftier you will probably already have all the equipment, papers etc that you need.  If you are not a crafter you'll  still be able to pick up your supplies quite easily in any crafting supply store.

1). Basic supplies for what you will need to make your A4 Dates to Celebrate Perpetual Calendar

  • Print out this FREE printable of the Dates to Celebrate sheet (print in color if you can)
  • Piece of card paper (80gsm) to stick the printable onto (I used a 12" x 12" scrapbooking size card in blue)
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors or guillotine
  • Flat magnet sheet with self adhesive tape 

2). Your printable will go on top of the card so you will need to ensure you can see the card framing the printable.

A4 Dates to Celebrate

3). I wanted to be able to put the calendar on my fridge so I used a magnet sheet which had double sided tape on one side.   I put a strip at the top and the bottom on the back of the card. 

 Dates to Celebrate magnet strips

 Hanging variation options/suggestions (you may have your own ideas) -

  • magnet with a clip or

Dates to Celebrate clip magnet


  • ring pull stuck on with hot glue - great option if you want to hang on a hook

Dates to Celebrate ring pull

That's it!

Your'e done - unless you would like to add some embellishments. 

Now all you need to do is write in known Days to Celebrate and continue adding new ones. Keep it in a spot where you will be constantly reminded to look at it.  

Handy tip:  write the year when the event occurred as a reminder of how many 'years' have passed.

For example write:

25th - Hannah birthday (2010)  or

31st  - John and June Wedding Anniversary (1984)

Stay tuned...the second DIY calendar idea's coming soon

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Update: here is the second DIY perpetual calendar I made HERE and the third one HERE.

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