Never miss a birthday or special event again

Always end up buying belated Birthday cards or getting caught at the very last minute?

I know how that feels. Just stresses you out and that embarrassment. That used to be me too. But I've finally come up with a solution to this.


Never miss a birthday or anniversary or special day again.  Perpetual calendars or simple calendar boards are a great idea.  These reminders can be placed in strategic places in your house while you contemplate - such as in the toilet (or as we say in Australia - the dunny).

Why not make one yourself? 

I've designed 3 versions of a perpetual calendar.  They're all really simple to make and use. 

I will write separate post for each one so that you can have a go at making your favorite one - or have a go at all of them.  Why not make one as a unique gift for someone else? 

Here is a quick snapshot of each one:

1. Quick and easy - takes about 20mins: A4 Fridge Perpetual Calendar

A4 Fridge Perpetual Calendar

2. Easy but a little bit more involved - takes about 45 mins: Flip Perpetual Calendar

Flip Perpetual Calendar

3. The DeLuxe Version. Has a few more components - takes about 2 hrs: Birthday, Xmas & Anniversary Box Card Calendar ,but it's a lot of fun to make. Especially when you start using it and being the one that brings the goods, always remembering everyone's birthday and all those other special occasions.  I included a folder for Xmas cards too.  No more struggling to remember the wife's name of your workmate or the children's names of the family that lives next door. You know how it is....Write them down on the note pad on the front of the folder, remember again and again, year after year, stress free! 

Birthday, Xmas and Anniversary Box

Bonus Xmas Card List folder


Each one comes with printables for the dates, months and a list of all of the tools and materials I used.  These will be guides only - go crazy with your own embellishments and the types of papers and card from your stash.

Stay tuned...

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