Our Story

Us in short...  

Twisted Wire was a family run business, started by Caron and Alex who are passionate about offering you an amazing selection of great quality products. 

Inspired by their vision, we bought this store from them, with the aim to further their vision and edgy designs, with some twists of our own. We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Twisted Wire is constantly sourcing exciting, unique, edgy and offbeat new products for you to enjoy. You'll notice our prices are usually lower than elsewhere. Therefore the selection of our products; at times, may only be available for short periods of time ensuring constant renewal and great prices to you.

Customer satisfaction is our prime motivator and the speedy processing of your orders is of utmost importance to us. 

We thank you for stopping by and browsing through their store and sincerely hope you have had an enjoyable & pleasant shopping experience. We genuinely seek and would appreciate your feedback. 

If you have questions about your order, a product or any suggestions please feel free to contact us on 

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